I’ll start on Monday!

We all know that person who starts the gym and clean eating on “Monday”!! Well I am her fhbckjdnkd!! I’ve been starting on Monday for probably 4 years now. As well as being lazy, I also have gym anxiety. I can go workout with a buddy and do great, on my own thats a whole different story.

This year, one of my goals is to find ways to manage that anxiety. As much as I joke about ‘starting again on Monday’, I usually don’t start because of this. So far I have been doing very well *pats self on back*, I went consistently for about 6 weeks! Then I fell off, as my friend came to visit from the USofA for 3 weeks. 1st day back was AWFUL! That damn Anxiety came back with a vengeance! However I shall win this battle in the mighty name of Jesus! Can the church say Amen!!!!



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