Most new natural girls (and boys) know the struggle. You watch Youtube videos, you’re amazing by what our coils, kinks and curls can achieve with some TLC. You’re empowered by all these beautiful brown girls (and boys) so you decide to take that leap and become a full time naturalista! You invest in 2 or 3 products (cause them things aint cheap!!!!), you find that bomb ass twistout tutorial and you get started! You wake up in the morning and all your hopes and dreams are shattered!! Your hair looks N O T H I N G at all like Mahogany Curls’!  LMAOOOO! I remember that day soooooo clearly. My 4C hair looked A HOT MESS!!!!

That was summer 2011, fast forward to summer 2018 – no my hair is not down to my waist as I thought it would be! Youtube done sold sooo many dreams.

Summer 2018 – I am fed up of my hair, I had been toying with the idea of big chopping since pregnancy did nonsense to my hair in 2016! “Your hairs going to grow soo much now you’re pregnant!!” LIES they did tell! Them bald patches were no joke! Not just 1 but 4!!!!! They weren’t even small either! So yeah, I wanted to cut my hair but I didnt want to lose that 10nches of hair I had been growing for 5 years LMAO!!! After toying with the idea I thought ahh forget it, lets do it!

Mid July this year, I went to the barbers and the rest is history!

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